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Facilities and Laboratory Equipment


The Stoves Testing Center has two facilities for their operations. The first one has an area of ​​design and construction of cooking stoves that includes storage and testing environments. The second, which opened on September 2013, where we find the main laboratory equipment for the RTKC. Both facilities are located in the Cota Cota Campus of Mayor de San Andrés University.

The main equipment available to the laboratory is:

  • Laboratory Emission Measurement System (LEMS) for energy efficiency and emissions for PM-2.5, CO, CO2 and other gases.
  • Indoor Air Pollution meter for field studies.
  • Outdoor air quality monitoring equipment for CO and SO2 (Aeroqual) and particle matter mini-vol monitoring equipment (TAS).
  • Analytical balance and precision balances for PM filters and fuels weighing.
  • Portable moisture content meter and forced convection oven for ASTM D-4442-92.
  • Volatile Organic Compounds meter for indoor pollution (RAE-2000).
  • COMSOL Multiphysics license with heat transfer, CFD and chemical reaction modules.
  • Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter for solid and liquids samples (Parr 1341).
  • Weather Station for real time meteorological data (Vantage Pro-DAVIS).
  • Gas Flow calibration equipment for air, DryCal-BIOS (Defender 530).
  • Gas calibration system for CO, CO2 and NOx and zero air system (Thermo 111).
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