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  • Implementation of the Laboratory Emission Monitoring System in the Stove Testing Center

    April 15, 2016

    In the ISO - IWA 10 Workshop Agreement , held in The Hague in 2012, guidelines were laid down suggesting laboratories referred about cooking stoves to upgrade their equipment such that their emission assessment methods agree to recognized standards ; in this way the Stoves Testing Center acquires the Laboratory Emission Monitoring System-LEMS in order to be considered as an international reference laboratory and meets the required standards.

  • Results of the Study of Energetic Planning associated with clean cookstoves in Bolivia. LEAP application.

    November 13, 2015

    The CPC has just completed a Study of Energy Planning based on the energy impact of a project Overcrowding in Bolivia clean cookstoves scenario modeling system LEAP of SEI (Stockholm Environment Insitute). The study builds on scenario information from the National Energy Balance and Census National Population and Housing 2012 to generate future scenarios based on assumptions of project implementation massing improved stove based on a standard model known as Malena  stove currently EnDev - Bolivia promoted by GIZ.


  • Study of biomass calorific value in Bolivia

    October 26, 2015

    The CPC made the determination of calorific value of biomass-burning typical samples of firewood consumption areas in Bolivia. Among the analyzed species are: thola, eucalyptus, raft, sunflower seeds, brown, teak, molle and willow. These species are used in different quantity for biomass combustion processes, especially for cooking food. The study was done using a Parr 1340 bomb calorimeter. The €‹obtained values are considered to update the database used by the assessment protocol stoves WBT (Boiling Water Test).

  • Energetic evaluation of ovens

    October 23, 2015

    The Stoves Testing Center (CPC) begins the development of a protocol for energetic evaluation of ovens in coordination with the EnDev-Bolivia project which currently performs the implement of improved mud stoves in rural areas. Studied ovens need to be evaluated respect to their thermal efficiency which influences the performance benefits of cooking and using firewood. The CPC has installed for this study a simple improved oven (with a combustion chamber) and an institutional oven (with two combustion chambers). The results will validate these improved ovens for their use mainly in rural areas.

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