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Who we are?

The Stoves Testing Center  “CPC”, for its acronym in spanish ´Centro de Pruebas de Cocinas´ is an institution of research, development and certification of improved firewood stoves and solar cookers. The CPC was initially sponsored  by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Intenationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH Project Energizing Development (EnDev)-Bolivia and finally established as an international reference center  supported by Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves – GACC and operated within the Institute for Research and Development of Chemical Process - IIDEPROQ of the Mayor de San Andrés University (UMSA).

The CPC has as main activities the applied research for develop efficient technology for biomass burning, the implementation of international protocols for laboratory/field evaluation and the certification of improved stoves performance under local and international standards. Within these activities, the CPC provide services through technical advice to projects and institutions related to the construction and/or dissemination of improved stoves.

The CPC was created due to the need for a reference source and a neutral and reliable institution for assessment and certification of improved model biomass and solar cookers in Bolivia. In 2012, CPC becomes an international reference center (Regional Testing and Knowledge Center, RTKC) as part of a grant support from the United Nations Foundation through the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves, GACC.

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